Artificial intelligence can help protect our most valuable assets–our families, homes, vehicles, bank accounts, and data. As technology becomes more advanced, so do the techniques of hackers which are far more sophisticated than a decade ago. On top of that, we are generating more data than ever before across exponentially more connected devices.


Especially with the Internet of Things (IoT), many of our household goods are now connected to the web. This may include our thermostats and fridges, but also our door locks and baby monitors.


When our technology is so integrated into our lives, we want to do everything we can to protect it. That’s where artificial intelligence comes into cybersecurity. These intelligent machines can give their all to stay one step ahead of even the most sophisticated hacker.


These ten companies are bringing together AI and cybersecurity for a smarter, safer future.




Cylance is “ first company to apply artificial intelligence, algorithmic science and machine learning to cyber security and improve the way companies, governments and end users proactively solve the world’s most difficult security problems.”


Rather than use simplified blacklists and whitelists, Cylance can analyze and identify what is safe and what is not using complex mathematical algorithms, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Because it can predict and prevent threats, breaches become less and less frequent so clean-up is less of an issue.

 can detect and prevent cybersecurity threats in near real-time, but it does so much more than that. learns which documents and other files are mission critical and gives those priority protection via artificially intelligent analytics. It also monitors user behavior to notice any changes that may hint toward a potential threat, even insider threats, so they can be stopped before they ever occur.






JASK uses artificial intelligence to detect cyberthreats and helps analyst prioritize the most critical threats. Using fast big data alongside their AI tech, JASK equips analysts with fewer false alerts and more important ones.





High-Tech Bridge

High-Tech Bridge merges human intelligence and artificial intelligence in a hybrid cybersecurity option. They specifically focus on web vulnerability using their offering “ImmuniWeb” which touts an impressive zero false positive rate and is cheaper than traditional penetration testing options.





Status Today


Status Today is using artificial intelligence to better understand human behavior in the workplace. This not only boosts productivity and communication, but also security. Because the AI understands how internal members of the company function and recognizes potential internal threats. Status Today’s products integrate with major enterprise software such as Exchange and Office 365 as well as company servers and more. They have already received mainstream attention as well as over $1M in funding.





Sovereign Intelligence


Sovereign Intelligence can help safeguard companies from both internal and external threats. With external threats, they set themselves apart by using artificial intelligence to gather data from large unstructured data sources such as the deep web to give a company an insightful view of what sorts of adversaries they may have on the web “underground.”


Internally, they analyze behavior patterns and intent to quickly notice any insider threats.





Securonix uses artificial intelligence to cover nearly all aspects of data security. They can predict behavior patterns and potential insider threats. They also offer analytics for privileged accounts, application security, and more. Another offering from Securonix is data exfiltration intelligence.


They tout a long list of big-name clients such as Western Union, Pfizer, and BAE Systems.






Zensed offers automated fraud prevention that, through its AI technology, learns on its own to consistently prevent fraud. Because it constantly analyzes and monitors new threats, it learns current trends so that users are always protected without any required upkeep or human interaction. Impressively, they also offer results in 10ms or less, even if a company processes millions of transactions per day.







Disrupt6 is an advanced cybersecurity solution that mitigates many of the issues with other advanced solutions. For one, it doesn’t send unnecessary alerts for basic attacks, it simply mitigates them. This leaves time for analysts to focus on more critical matters, which Disrupt6 also recognizes and rates with a level of confidence. Unusual activity is automatically detected to help recognize and prevent future threats. They are specifically focused on future technology and custom solutions with dynamic risk tolerances.





Privately App


The Privately App and their solution, Oyoto, are using artificial intelligence to increase cybersecurity by helping to create smart, responsible digital citizens. Privately helps kids learn how to be safe online, and teaches them when they make mistakes. For example, if your child posts their new email address to Facebook, Privately will let them know via their smartphone that it’s better to send that info in private messages. Then, the child can decide which steps to take next.



Do you know of any other cybersecurity companies using artificial intelligence that deserve a spot on this list? Let us know in the comments below!