In the past, we only saw artificial intelligence in our own art–our movies and stories and games. It seemed like such a distant, sci-fi future. But nowadays? Artificial intelligence is actually supplementing human art and even creating their own! From the trippy images of Google DeepDream to AIs that can create a rendition in the style of your favorite famous artist of your most embarrassing selfies, artificial intelligence has firmly found a place in the art world. Artificial intelligence can even write their own music, create music videos, and write movie scripts–even if humans don’t quite “get” everything about them yet.


For example, this artificial intelligence wrote a sci-fi film, and humans tried their best to act it out in Sunspring
AI art only grows more complex from here.


Check out the top ten artificial intelligence companies in the art industry in 2017.


Google DeepDream

If you’ve never played with Google DeepDream, find your favorite picture and give it an upload. DeepDream spits out some of the craziest, surreal, psychedelic pictures from your inputs, thanks to their neural network. Although it was originally designed to help researchers understand what neural networks actually saw, now it is a fun, artistic adventure. Even more advanced AI algorithms can actually output pictures that the AI interprets a painting or picture using its own knowledge.





Google Magenta

Google is really on top of this artificial intelligence and art thing. They have also created Magenta that works on Google Brain to create not only pictures but music and videos as well. It’s open for any artist or aspiring artist to play with, and even Google doesn’t know what type of art will come of it. But Magenta has a lot of potential both in conjunction with artists and to help AIs create art all of their own.


Do you want to paint your toddler in the form of Picasso or Van Gogh? With DeepArt, there’s no need for pricey imitation artist classes, because you can simply upload your photo and choose a famous art style.


An artificial intelligence will combine the content of your uploaded picture with the artistic style, and voila! Instant masterpiece. (It even does selfies.)






Binded is using artificial intelligence along with blockchain to help artists in a different way. Although Binded doesn’t generate art, it does create a timestamped copyright in a blockchain to help artists protect their work. It then scans the web to help artists find anywhere their work is being used without permission.







Prisma also helps users recreate famous artist styles on their own photos. Using artificial intelligence, Prisma generates photos that combine a user input photo and an artist of their choice for a  classical twist using ultra-modern technology. Users have options like Van Gogh, Levitan, and Picasso. It’s currently available on the app store for both iPhone and Android.






Artomatix received a $2.2M seed in March of 2017,  and rightfully so. They have created an artificial intelligence that can create 3D content. Right now, they are focused on texture generation, and their AI can generate new textures at a resolution of up to 8k. It can also create high-res footage from low-res video. Artomatix is going to be a major gamechanger in art and gaming alike. Check out their website to see some of the stunning textures Artomatix can handle.


 helps users create art using artificial intelligence from photos or their own inputs. They offer styles of artists like Van Gogh and Kandinsky. Users can pay to get customized artwork shipped to them with a 75-year color guarantee at various sizes. Right now, the only option is to join their waiting list.







Mokartzi is a London-based startup that is using artificial intelligence to generate a marketplace for artists and art enthusiasts to connect. They’re not live yet, but we’ll be watching closely.







AUTHORS helps publishers and writers discover each other and connect.  They offer analysis of works from the author to see how they compare to bestsellers and also help them find just the right publisher whether they write genre fiction or nonfiction. Now that is an intelligent blend of AI and art.







Artmarq is bringing AI to the art market to help users gain an entry point in an otherwise intimidating industry. They track deals made on pieces of art around the world from major players. Their app is user-friendly and offers all of the most relevant insight and intel into the art selling world.





Do you know of any other artificial intelligence companies in the art industry that deserve a spot on this list? Let us know in the comments below!