Antminer R4 Review: 5 Reasons to Choose It in 2017

  • 26 September 2017
  • James Njau

It is official – Bitmain is one of the undisputed leaders and the most certified mining hardware manufacturer in the world! With over four years of skin in the game, it has consistently delivered consumer-grade miners that get the job done.  In fact, looking at the increasing difficulty of mining Bitcoins, it’s amazing how Bitmain still remains at the number one spot for producing quality miners.  

Currently, this Beijing based organization (with offices in Tel Aviv, Chengdu, Amsterdam, and Hong Kong among other parts of the world) continues to stay devoted to high-quality hardware production. All of its chips are ASIC based and take full advantage of Moore's Law to keep up with industry standards. The CEO – Jihan Wu – and his team of engineers are constantly working just to revolutionize the cryptocurrency mining industry. At this point, it's pretty obvious that their strategy is working since their contribution to the blockchain era is surely not going unnoticed.

One of the most successful miners Bitmain has produced is the Antminer R4. Numbers don't lie! If you look at the current figure of these miners distributed across the globe, you will understand why this hardware remains a favorite for many.

Source: Bitmain.com

Let’s take a look at what the Antminer R4 brings to the table and, of course, answers to some of the questions you might have in mind.

Top 5 Benefits of Antminer R4

If you are looking for the perfect miner that you can easily set up at home, you are in luck! The R4 is specifically designed to fit the appetite of hobbyist miners who are looking to get into the cryptocurrency space. Here are its benefits:

1. Ease of Use

Source: Bitmain.com

The Antminer R4 comes with a simple user interface that lets you get things done easily after setting it up. It really is a mining hardware designed for beginners and hobbyist, something that’s evident in the customizable control panel that lets you set your own fan speed and direct your profits to your own Bitcoin wallet.

2. Reduced Noise Levels

Source: Bitmain.com

With a respectable hash rate that actually ranks almost as good as the Antminer S9; you would expect this home miner to be as noisy. Surprisingly the R4 is set to produce the least noise of all the Antminer hardware by Bitmain. With its custom design fan, you will finally say goodbye to noisy mining hardware.

3. Profitable

Source: Bitmain.com

What all miners have in common whether as home miners or as industrial miners, is their appetite for profit. After all, it's the one thing that is causing ripples in the global financial market, so why not go for it, right? Well, the R4 is not just a hobbyist’s miner but also a miner that can create good ROI especially with its efficient power consumption, respectable hash rate and the rising exchange rate of Bitcoins.

4. Reduced Latency

Source: Bitmain.com

Yes, that's true! You no longer have to keep on waiting for your mined blocks to be submitted to your wallet. With the R4 using integrated rich features that reduce latency, home miners can now enjoy the convenience that professional miners have had for a while.



5. Quality Performance

Source: Bitmain.com

Bitmain’s Antminer S4 might be one of those tools that will bring back decentralization to the Bitcoin mining business. For a long time, powerful organizations have enjoyed fat profits from quality performing hardware. However, the R4 is changing the game and decentralizing mining power with its efficient power consumption and an industry standard ASIC design with 16nm process node. This is, without a doubt, the most efficient miner any hobbyist can get their hands on today.

Top 10 Questions About the Antminer R4

If you are new to Bitcoin mining, you probably have a couple of questions that you need answers to. We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions to help you through. Check them out:

1. How much does it cost?

Currently, the Antminer R4 is the most affordable Antminer from Bitmain as it retails at just about $1000. Although to some hobbyist this price might still be high, you only have to do some calculation to determine whether it's a good investment based on its profitability. In the end, you want to get the most powerful miner at a price that is reasonable enough, and the R4 is a serious contender.

2. Where can I buy it?

This is an easy one. You can find used or brand new Antminer R4s in almost any online retail stores or you can even order one directly from Bitmain since they ship their products all over the world. Keep in mind that shipping cost will affect the overall price you will pay for.

3. How do I set it up?

This is where the Antminer R4 actually shines since it's specifically designed to have a straightforward setup that anyone can perform.  When it comes straight out of the box and you have your power supply unit ready as well as the cables (including your Ethernet cable), you can follow this simple step by step process to start mining.

  • Connect your PSU to the power outlet and then plug in the cables that connect the PSU to the miner.
  • Remember not to connect multiple PSUs to the same hash board as it will damage your miner.
  • Before you power on, make sure your Ethernet cable is connected. Now you can boot your miner.
  • It will take about a minute for your miner to start hashing. Finally, head over to your browser and set up your GUI with the appropriate password and walled address.

In case of any problems, the R4 comes with an easy to follow guide that will quickly get you ready to mine.

4. What is the recommended power supply?

This is a sensitive step and you need to be very careful about it. Obviously, the right power supply unit is important for keeping your miner at its best performance as well as to prevent any damages that might be caused by faulty connections. But for the R4, Bitmain recommends its very own APW5 that delivers 2600W power supply and is optimized to increase the power efficiency of the Antminer R4. Go for any other at your own risk!

5. What is its hash rate?

Ask any veteran home miner and they will tell you that the Antminer R4 is reviving the hobbyist mining sector with its 8.6 TH/s hash rate that is only second to the S9. This is good news to home miners as the hash rate is ideal for reducing power consumption to about 845W. Furthermore, its slim design and a low noise production will make this miner a new leader in the home mining industry.

6. How many Bitcoins does it mine in a month?

There are many variables that affect the number of Bitcoins a miner can mine at any one time. Some of those variables include electricity costs, environmental temperature, Bitcoin exchange rates, and the pool used to mine as well as the pool fees. With the R4 however, you can approximate how much profit it can create with a simple calculator. Generally, you can break even within 6 months meaning it's a safe investment for home miners.

7. How long will it remain profitable?

Frankly, it is hard to know exactly how long any miner will remain profitable. However, with its monstrous hash rate and its efficient power consumption, the R4 can continue to make a profit from Bitcoin mining for the next 12 months to come.

8. Is there an alternative to the R4?

Of course, the next best alternative to the R4 is the Antminer S9. It provides a slightly higher hash rate meaning you will have to pay more for it. And although the S9 still stands as the industry’s most powerful miner at the moment, it is not optimized for mining from home like the Anminer R4.

9. Can I use it to mine Scrypt coin?

Unfortunately, you can only use the R4 to mine Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies that are SHA-256 based. However, with an exchanger, you can easily get your other forms of cryptocurrencies with no sweat.

10. How can I upgrade the R4’s firmware?

Luckily the R4 comes with its own software. With the control panel performing a firmware upgrade is as easy as pressing a button on your screen. You can also use a manual guide that comes with the R4 to get around it easily. The other option is to simply contact Bitmain for help.

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