Andrew Ng Looks To Raise $150 Million

  • 9 September 2017 01:30:15 PM
  • By Kevin Rands

A new fund that will be investing in artificial intelligence funds has been newly announced and at its head is none other than Andrew Ng, the former chief scientist at Baidu and founder of Google Brain. He also co-founded the online education site, Coursera, and was a Stanford University professor. After resigning from Baidu, the world has been watching to see his next move – turns out that it is a $150 million fund for innovative AI startups.

Considering his track record, it is doubtful that Ng will have issues finding funding for this technology sector, which helps to make computers smarter. Ng said that his goal is to bring about a society that is powered by artificial intelligence. This brings together his deep learning classes with capital and resources to lead to that lofty goal.

Ng’s Fund

At this time, there’s little news about what will make Ng’s fund different from all the others out there, but his name and network alone should help him along the way. With that said, work in AI, including deep learning and machine learning, have already gone a long way toward helping software learn to understand spoken and written word, empower truly self-driving cars, and allows software to recognize images. It is hoped that further significant breakthroughs will be available through the technology, especially in the fields of healthcare, medicine, and manufacturing.

While Ng has not publicly stated what industries he will be working with, one possibility relates to autonomous vehicles. He posted on Medium that, 


“I want all of us to have self-driving cars … I now want AI to free humanity from repetitive mental drudgery, such as driving in traffic.”


Of course, he could move in any number of directions with the name appeal and capital that he is sure to bring in for his new funding project.

Nearly every major company out there today, whether Google, Facebook, or Salesforce, is working to add resources to AI research to be on the front lines of this exciting, innovative technology. Experts are being hired as fast as possible as every company attempts to be the one offering the next important thing that will revolutionize an industry or position.

About Andrew NG


Ng was born in the United Kingdom in 1976 and graduated from Raffles Institution in Singapore in the year 1992. In 1997, he attended Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, where he received his undergraduate degree in computer science. He received his master’s degree from Massachusetts’ Institute of Technology in Cambridge and his Ph.D. from University of California at Berkeley.

He began working at Stanford that same year, teaching and researching machine learning and data mining. In 2011, he worked at Google and founded and led the Google Brain Deep Learning Project. He left Google in 2012 and co-founded Coursera to offer free online courses to everyone. He joined Baidu in 2014 as Chief Scientist and announced his resignation in March of 2017.

Ng is the author of over 100 published papers in robotics, machine learning, and related fields. He has also been the recipient of several awards.

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