Alan Ezeir: the Tech Entrepreneur Selling His Home for $8,000,000 in Bitcoin

  • 26 February 2018
  • Expert Insights

Two weeks ago, San Diego-based Canter Companies announced two homes up for sale.

While homes go on the market every day, these two homes were different. They were different because these ultra-luxury homes were being offered up for sale in Bitcoin. Nearly $20 million in bitcoin between the two properties to be exact.

We recently spoke with Alan Ezeir, one of the home owners to better understand what made him decide to sell his home in bitcoin and where he thinks the industry is headed.

Alan, why did you decide to list your home for sale in Bitcoin?

Accepting Bitcoin is no different than accepting the traditional fiat currency. If you provide the buyer a wallet address and they use that wallet address, it is no different than telling a buyer to wire the fiat currency to a bank account number. If someone wants to offer Bitcoin for my home, I would consider the offer just as if it were in US dollars.

We’re also able to reach a larger audience by accepting Bitcoin and the transaction may be more enticing to international buyers. We look forward to showing the world how close we are to truly be able to transact globally with less friction, time and cost.

When did you first hear about Bitcoin/Blockchain technology? When did you realize it was a “big deal” that wasn't going away?  

My first touch with Bitcoin/Blockchain was in 2010-2011.  Being in the domain registration space for over 2 decades, we are very familiar with ‘digital assets'.  I again was ‘re-introduced' to it in 2013, but at the time I was too busy with business, family and my bucketlist to jump in.  In early 2017 I knew it was happening.  I wish I could say I was an early adopter, but it took time for me to see that it was not going away or was going to remain a technology that would only service a small audience.  Now I know that it’s not only a big deal and here to stay, but it will transform many industries.

 What's the future of Bitcoin?

The use of cryptocurrency for everyday products and services will happen. The global economy is ready for it. In the long run, I believe you will be able to walk into a coffee shop and pay for a cup of coffee with crypto.

The digital currency creates a simple and inexpensive method to move currency internationally. Imagine, you will no longer need to change currencies when you enter a new country, as long as crypto is accepted there.

Adoption may take time, but we’re already starting to see it. There are now physical Bitcoin ATMs and large corporations are beginning to accept bitcoin as a form of payment. Larger transaction, as with our real estate offering, will be the onramp for Crypto so become a more widely accepted form of currency.

About Alan Ezeir: 

Alan Ezeir has established a track record of success in domain names, online commerce, telecommunications, and several other fast-paced entrepreneurial/start-up environments. After 26 years of startups, Alan stepped into the acquisition world. He is the founder of Circle Square Capital, a company formed to acquire businesses that have $1-5M in EBITDA.

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