AI in Sales: 10 Companies To Watch in 2018

  • 20 October 2017
  • Jodi Hillman

What if we could streamline our sales, cut our bottom line, and increase our revenue? That is exactly what AI in sales aims to do. These companies are already disrupting the waters with their AI technology.


Base has locations in Mountain View and San Francisco, CA as well as Krakow, Poland. The company provides an all-in-one sales productivity platform for businesses to better manage their sales and close deals. The platform eliminates multiple sales point solutions by offering tools for phone dialing, forecasting, email, lead scoring, and more. The company offers different plans depending on the size of the business, such as one to three people, four or more, or an enterprise company.


Located in Provo, UT, InsideSales.com was founded in 2004 and offers a platform based on a predictive and prescriptive self-learning engine. The company uses machine learning to predict and optimize sales activities to enhance performance. Customers that have used the platform had revenue growth of up to 30 percent in about three months. One tool InsideSales.com offers is the Sales Growth Maturity Curve, which breaks sales growth into manageable steps.


Founded in 2010, Seismic is located in San Diego and has received $64.5 million in three rounds of funding. The company offers a sales solution to allows the sales team to deliver the right content at the right time across various devices. Seismic is powered by LiveDocs technology as well as machine learning algorithms to automate the creation of personalized sales materials. Marketing teams have access to real-time analytics to help understand which content will help close deals.


Conversica had headquarters in Foster City, CA and has received $56 million during three rounds of funding.

The AI platform converts leads into sales opportunities through email conversations.

The natural conversations automatically engage and qualify leads to hand off to the appropriate sales personnel to close the deal.

AI-powered sales conversation – Conversica

The Conversica sales assistant improves marketing ROI and assists teams in setting more sales appointments.

Dashboard – Conversica


Located in Palo Alto, Gong.io has received $26 million in two rounds of funding. The company created a conversation intelligence software for teams that use AI to analyze, transcribe, and record sales conversations. The software helps sales reps sell better and assists leaders by understanding where the reps need to be coached. Sales reps can also review each other’s calls to learn and share ideas to better sell products or services.

Cogito Corporation

Founded in 2007, Cogito Corporation has headquarters in Boston and has received $22.5 million during five rounds of funding. The company creates technology to enhance the emotional intelligence of phone professional by applying behavior science through AI. The software evaluates behavioral signals through voice and gives agents conversation coaching in real-time while providing a measure of customer experience. The company aims to help companies deliver amazing customer experience and improve sales results.


Node is located in San Francisco and has received $18.3 million during four rounds of funding. The company is reorganization information on the web based on how people use it. Node data intelligence uses personalized recommendations to help the B2B world understand companies and people that matter for their business. The platform analyzes attributes of companies and people to create customer profiles that assist companies in maximizing revenue.


Located in Austin, Tenfold has received $17.23 million during four rounds of funding. The company helps businesses have better conversions by putting customer information into action on the phone in real-time. When customers call into businesses, Tenfold automatically puts all the information the sales rep needs in front of them, in one place.


Founded in 2016, People.ai has received $7.12 million in funding from seed and Series A. The company offers a predictive sales management platform focused on aligning sales and marketing teams in the enterprise. People.ai uses AI to find areas for improvement and then offers clear, actionable insights. The AI can also offer personalized coaching, sale performance analytics, and one-on-one feedback giving sales teams a clear understanding of where they need to improve.

Olono (Nexd)

Olono has headquarters in Austin and has received $5.1 million after two rounds of funding. The company aims to change the way sales professionals work by providing the first proactive enterprise sales tool. Olono uses big data, universal data integration, predictive analytics, and machine learning to analyze touch points throughout the sales process. It automates menial tasks to help close deals faster and improve pipeline velocity.

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