AI In Real Estate Use Case #1: Enodo

  • 13 June 2019
  • Sam Mire

This interview is part of our new AI in Real Estate series, where we interview the world's top thought leaders on the front lines of the intersections between AI and real estate.

In this interview, we speak with Marc Rutzen, CEO of Enodo, to understand how his company is using AI to transform real estate, and what the future of the real estate industry holds.

Marc Rutzen

1. What is the story behind Enodo? How did you begin?

MR: Enodo is an automated underwriting platform for multifamily real estate that helps owners identify value-add opportunities. In the real estate world today, people have more data than they know what to do with. We help them translate data into specific actions to find opportunities and improve investment performance.

2. Describe your use case and how Enodo uses artificial intelligence:

MR: We use artificial intelligence to predict rents and expenses as a function of property and market attributes. For example, you can toggle “Premium Countertops” or “Rooftop Deck” in our interface and see how much these amenities would increase rent if installed in your property. Our tool helps value-add investors maximize the use of their capital.


3. Could you share a specific customer/user that benefits from what you offer? What has your service done for them?

MR: Our comparable property detection algorithm helps small investors underwrite with the resources and expertise of much larger teams. Many of the investors we've worked with through Multifamily U have underwritten and closed many successful deals with the Enodo platform.

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