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AI In Real Estate: 10 Companies To Watch In 2017

  • 5 September 2017
  • Jodi Hillman

Artificial intelligence is taking over real estate by making it easier to bring agents and buyers together. Not only that, it helps consumers make smarter investments and make for a better, more economical city overall. AI uses big data and algorithms to learn and adapt to the changing needs of the real estate industry.

Here are 10 companies using AI technology to disrupt real estate.

Hip Pocket

Hip Pocket was founded in 2013 and its headquarters is in Lincoln, Nebraska. They have received $170 thousand from two investors. The company helps users by personal consultations and social influence to help people make the best financial decisions when it comes to mortgages and retirement. The software can be used on websites or on a mobile device and can be even be used on existing bank websites.

Image result for Apartment Ocean logoApartment Ocean

Apartment Ocean is located in New York and was founded in 2016. They have received $200 thousand in funding for their AI-powered real estate chatbot. The artificial intelligence makes the initial contact with potential real estate clients and converts that conversation into a lead for the company to follow up on. This can be used by property managers, real estate agents, or anyone else who wants to automate the lead collection process.


ZenPlace is based out of San Francisco and was founded in 2016. The company uses artificial intelligence and property management professionals to create a smart property management team. The app better connects owner and tenants for a better experience. ZenPlace is made up of professionals such as developers, engineers, designers, real estate professionals, and property managers.

Image result for Roomie.cologoRoomie

Roomie’s headquarters is in Kalispell, Montana and was founded in 2013. Roomie offers futons, full-size beds, and other necessities to students on college campuses. The company gives an alternative to the poor quality dorm furniture and students don’t have to make large furniture purchases on a tight budget. Roomie is currently in 25 colleges in the United States. Students run the company and they also have local ambassadors on campus.


Offrs is located in Sarasota, Florida and was founded in 2014. A mathematician and real estate agent saw a gap in the market and created this technology. The company predicts listings in the real estate market by using an algorithm. They use big data and to analyze the results from the algorithm to get leads and maximize conversion. The data comes from homeowners taking surveys, targeted ads, phone surveys, and other marketing channels to bring leads to your inbox.


ProvidensAI was founded in 2015 and based out of London. The company uses big data to provide predictive analytics and property valuations for real estate all over the globe. Their technology gives an objective valuation that is much cheaper than the traditional way. They use local sources and insights to collect their data and appraise residential properties. The dashboard forecasts property prices up to three years into the future as well.

Image result for BubbleGlass real estateBubbleGlass

BubbleGlass uses A.I. analytics for investment, real estate planning, policy making, and development planning. The A.I. plans to control real estate bubbles, improve energy policy for government housing, and bring buyers and sellers together. Their dashboard integrates with the cloud to keep track of your budget, projects, selling, and marketing tools. The technology aids in decision making to help managers figure out their target and improve your bottom line.

Image result for Voiceter Pro logoVoiceter Pro

Voiceter Pro was founded in 2016 and its headquarters is in Albany, New York. They use AI assisted searches for real estate markets. The technology also aims to bring companies and consumers together by helpful searchers through Google Home, Alexa, and Microsoft’s Cortana. It also works for those just entering the real estate field and or those moving to a new area. It provides information about credentials, licensing, and everything a person needs to know about being an agent in a particular area.

Image result for RealAS logoRealAS

RealAS is based out of Melbourne and is a free app that helps buyers and investors find their next home purchase. The app provides information about area homes and offers a forum where buyers can ask each other questions. Their algorithm about price prediction is an average of 5% within the final sales price. The algorithm has been learning over the past three years and it continues to learn and adapt.


zVesta was founded in 2015 and makes finding good investment easily accessible. They aim to create a strong relationship between consulting firms, investors, and technocrats while delivering full transparency. They aim to provide consumers with pertinent information as fast as possible. zVesta is designed for all professions in the real estate industry such as banks, brokers, underwriters, advertisers, and builders.

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