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AI in Personal Health & Fitness: 10 Companies to Watch in 2018

  • 16 October 2017
  • Jodi Hillman

AI in the personal health and fitness industry aims to personalize the users’ experience to make more of an impact in a shorter amount of time. Through smart data and analytics, AI is transforming the way we see health and fitness.


CloudMedx is located in Palo Alto and has received $4.2 million after two rounds of funding. The company designs AI software for medical analytics. The AI uses healthcare specific NLP and machine learning to give clinical insights in real-time at all points of care to improve patient outcomes. The software is run by experts in data science, medicine, neuroscience, and machine learning. By utilizing the algorithms and technology, clinicians can receive real-time insights and intervene and critical points of patient care.


Located in Tel Aviv, BioGaming has received $3.8 million after two rounds of funding. The company offers an end-to-end solutions to improve rehabilitation outcomes. The platform uses 3D sensing technology and home gaming consoles to track patient performance. BioGaming was created by game designers, machine learning experts, physical therapists, and entrepreneurs. The goal of the technology is to improve patient adherence and optimize in-clinic time to lower cost for providers and payers.


Founded in 2014, ensa is located in New York and has received $1.75 million after two rounds of funding. The company connects patient medical records with health and fitness apps to give recommendations based on their personalized conditions. The app aims to increase consumer wellness engagement with daily health reminders. Users can also share their workouts, track their family’s health, and stay connected with clinicians. Ensa aims to improve the quality of healthcare while controlling the cost.


Zova is located in Sydney and has received $939.27 thousand after two rounds of funding. The company offers a way for people to get and stay fit. Zova has a variety of workouts that are simple and fit into any schedule or lifestyle. The company aims to change the way people think about exercise to get people up and moving in a practical way. The workouts are under 15 minutes long, with many being 10 minutes or less, and are tailored to each part of the body.


Located in London, FitWell has received $1.3 million after four rounds of funding. The company is an AI wellness start-up that focuses on providing holistic coaching, healthy nutrition, fitness, and wellness. Their mobile app has more than one million members globally and was featured by Google and Apple as the “Best of 2015.” The app allows users to customize goals, whether they want to be stronger, more flexible, or get toned. The personal coaching adjusts workouts depending on previous performances for a more customized plan.

Boltt Sports

Founded in 2015, Boltt Sports is located in Noida, India and has received $600 thousand after two rounds of funding. The company offers an AI health and fitness coach via mobile devices. The app can connect to a variety of devices and wearables to give automated and personalized feedback. The app converts data into actionable feedback through the AI system. Users can learn how to best improve their performance based on their personalized data.


Hacarus is located in Kyoto and has received $927.88 thousand after two rounds of funding. The company offers mobile healthcare apps to provide weight loss programs, low carb diets, personalized advice, as well as other programs. The app can be used by fitness clubs or enterprises who want to improve employee’s health awareness. The company aims to help people balance a healthy lifestyle with nutritional eating habits.


Located in Salt Lake City, Amiigo was founded in 2011 and provides a fitness tracking bracelet to measure calories, heart rate, sets, reps, and specific exercises. The company aims to create a new generation of wearable sensors to make health management more social, simple, and fun. Amiigo works with insurance providers, pharmaceutical companies, academia, and clinical to sponsor health research initiatives as well.

Ada Health

Ada Health is located in Berlin and offers personalized health support through AI technology. The company uses machine learning and AI to help people manage their health and better understand their conditions. The platform is designed by engineers, data scientists, and 100 doctors. The goal of Ada Health is to provide everyone with access to personalized health information and care.


Founded in 2016, Fitbod had headquarters in San Francisco and created a personalized strength-training program powered by machine learning. The app is for iOS and gives gym-goers personalized workout plans to maximize the use of indoor gym equipment to train effectively.



Fitbod analyzes workout data in real-time to and combines it with the strength-training program and physical capabilities for a personalized fitness plan.

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