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AI in Logistics: 10 Companies to Watch in 2018

  • 9 October 2017
  • Jodi Hillman

AI in logistics is disrupting the industry as companies can use it to automatically handle cargo type, pick-up schedules, flight schedules, and resource assignments. This would normally take man hours and money, but with AI automating the process people can focus on more pressing issues to streamline and improve the companies bottom line.


LogiNext has headquarters in Fremont, CA and has received $10.6 million after two rounds of funding. The company offers the field of logistics solutions to analyze, track and optimizes resources in real-time. The software uses insights and visualizations based on big data and predictions to optimize operations. The platform can work by itself or with other systems for a seamless integration.




Located in Sofia, Bulgaria, Transmetrics was founded in 2013 and has received $1.87 million after seven rounds of funding. The company’s products consist of multiple steps – data cleansing, advanced forecasting, predictive optimization and execution controlling modules. As a result, some of Transmetrics' clients reduced their overall costs by up to 10% (see the press release here). Transmetrics works with the world’s leading logistics companies, including three global Fortune 500 companies.

Smarter Sorting

Smarter Sorting was founded in 2015 and is located in Austin, Texas. They have received $1.82 million after two rounds of funding from five investors. The company uses technology to create better-sorting strategies, store Safety Data Sheets, and track shipments. The platform can help companies save 10 percent or more because they cost less than traditional waste haulers. Furthermore, their platform can increase reuse by 25 percent, which also saves companies money.


Shipsy is located in Gurgaon, India and is a platform that enhances visibility by using data-driven decision making for the supply chain industry. The company has received $1 million after two rounds of funding. Their field force task management app allows you to make pickup and delivery run sheets that can be searched and scanned. The app functions even when no internet is available and lets companies know whether data has been synced.


Located in Sunnyvale, CA, Crowdz has received $655.2 thousand after five rounds of funding. The B-Commerce Company™, is the creator of the world’s first blockchain-based B2B ecommerce marketplace. Applying cutting-edge blockchain and artificial-intelligence principles to traditional B2C and B2B marketplace models, Crowdz automates product search & sourcing, accelerates commercial transactions, and streamlines predictive-data analytics in ways never before possible.


Marble is located in San Francisco, CA and creates and operates robots for last-mile logistics. The company has a fleet of intelligent robots to transport goods to people – making the good easily accessible. Some of the products they transport are medicine, meals, and groceries. The robots feature secure access cargo bays to ensure products stay secure and are only delivered to the hands they are intended to for.


Founded in 2016, Pathover is located in Sunnyvale, CA. The company designed an API-based software to optimize last mile logistics. Since the last mile takes up about 28 percent of the cost of delivery, Pathover aims to change that by using AI technology to fulfill orders and load-balance demand across grocery stores. The platform contains over one million products that can be ordered and delivered. If there are questions, a chatbot is on-hand to answer them every step of the way.


Evertracker has headquarters in Hamburg and offers technology to automate, optimize, and analyze workflow in process chains and logistics. The AI will analyze the past, optimize the present, and predict the future while automating the process. In addition, the platform provides quality management, logistics control, and asset management to increase capacity utilization and prevent idle time.

Avrios International

Located in Zurich, Avrios International AG is a fleet controlling software that puts data together from across the enterprise and turns it into actionable insights. The platform will collect data on tires, fuel, damages, costs, and much more and display it all on one dashboard. This helps companies alleviate daily admin tasks and frees up time to spend on higher priority tasks.


Deliverish was founded in 2013 and has headquarters in Cambridge, MA. The company is a peer-to-peer local delivery service that allows people to get anything they want at any time during the day. The app uses people around town to delivery products, so it is a good way to make extra money as well.

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