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AI In Education Use Case #3: Find Solution Ai

  • 22 June 2019
  • Sam Mire

This interview is part of our new AI in Education series, where we interview the world's top thought leaders on the front lines of the intersections between AI and education.

In this interview, we speak with Viola Lam, founder and CEO of Find Solution Ai, to understand how her company is using AI to transform education, and what the future of the education industry holds.

1. What’s the story behind Find Solution Ai? Why and how did you begin? 

VL: Find Solution Ai (FSAI) is a Hong Kong-based company which was founded in 2016. I was a teacher with over 10-year teaching experience before founding Find Solution Ai, and I was determined to enhance learning conditions and performance of students with the help of technology.

We spent six years investing in an AI-driven motivation model and we now hold over 30 patents. The motivation model analyzes the emotional and cognitive level of students, then provides real-time interactive training to optimize their learning experience. It is a cutting-edge technology which could adjust learning techniques based on learners’ particular needs, eventually personalizing each learning experience.

2. Please describe your use case and how Find Solution Ai uses AI: 

VL: 4LittleTrees is our first AI-driven motivation learning application launched in 2017. With unique algorithms involving emotion detection, confidence level, knowledge level tracking, and big data analysis technology, it can motivate our users, figure out their needs in response based on their emotions and performance on a given topic, and also predicts learning curves while increasing learning efficiency.

By analyzing the learning performance and progress of the students, our AI engine will provide suitable questions based on their learning level to make the experience more personalized. This core technology could also be applied in corporate training, e-commerce and healthcare sectors.

3. What are examples of companies/customers who benefit from your service? What has Find Solution Ai done for them?

VL: Currently, over 20 Hong Kong government schools have subscribed for our 4LittleTrees applications, and 150 schools have participated in our pilot program. They currently use our application in their mathematical and ICT (Information & Communications Technology) learning.

We received a lot of positive feedback from the schools and teachers, as the learning efficiency of students is increased from 3 percent to 10 percent with customized learning.

4. What other AI use cases in education are you excited about? 

VL: We are also excited about putting AI technology in corporate sectors including finance and retail organization to help improve the quality of learning for and development of staff members.

Our AI-motivation model could also be applied in staff training of some large-scale corporations. The model could customize the training content for staff with different experience levels and expertise. It also identifies the strengths and weakness of staff or management trainees for more accurate allocation of manpower.

5. Where will Find Solution Ai be in 5 years?

VL: We will develop more application models, adapting our Ai technology for different industries and sectors including corporate training, e-commerce, and healthcare sectors. In terms of education application, apart from mathematics and ICT subjects, we hope to use our model in other subjects including English. We are now working with some international exam providers to apply the technology in their assessment. Also, we aim to develop our overseas markets, including Japan, Korea, Thailand, and Singapore, whose education systems are competitive.

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