AI In Energy: 10 Companies to Know in 2017

  • 14 September 2017
  • Jodi Hillman

Energy companies are using AI to save on costs, be more sustainable, and become more customer focused. From solar power to energy use in the home, these 10 companies are using AI to disrupt the energy industry and transform the way we live.

Mandulis Energy

Mandulis Energy was founded in 2014 and is located in Kampala. The company develops and operates renewable energy projects focused on the sustainable biomass sector. They started in Uganda and work on developing off-grid and on-grid biomass projects. The company is working on technology that provides a sustainable solution that is reliable and affordable.  

Verv by Green Running

Green Running has headquarters in London and was founded in 2010. They have received $1.56 million in funding. The company created Verv, which is a home energy assistant. Verv monitors the energy use in a home to help cut costs and save energy. Verv keeps track of every appliance that uses electricity and how much that appliance is using. The AI will also let you know if an appliance is about to break or when one is left on.


Founded in 2011, Meteo-Logic is located in Tel Aviv and has received $3 million in funding. They are a data analytics company focusing on weather prediction and how it impacts the energy commodity market. The company uses machine learning and big data to create self-learning algorithms that produce accurate predictions when it comes to weather and its impact on energy supply. The algorithm adapts and adjusts to the data that comes in to predict future behavior as well. Weather impacts energy usage and Meteo-Logic aims to stay ahead of the changes.


PingThings has headquarters in El Segundo, CA and was founded in 2014. They have received $3.9 million after four rounds of funding. The company uses big data software and science to detect events on the power grid. The platform records data from internal and external sources to utilities. This helps predict if an event, such as asset failure, will occur and alert the control room so they can avoid any outages.


Secure Supplies

Secure Supplies was founded in 2004 in Abu Dhabi. The company provides energy storage, gas fueling solutions, gas, and grid security to communities. They have teams in different countries across the world. Secure Supplies uses Nasa technologies that have backups built in and are reliant to secure backup to the power grid.

Digital H2O

Digital H20 has headquarters in Chicago, IL and uses machine learning software to develop an online platform for oilfield water management. The platform aims to change how energy companies manage water resources that are scarce. It also helps gas and oil producers optimize water logistics while planning an analyzing their current use. The technology can be used by private equity investors, oilfield service companies, and exploration and production operators.

Arundo Analytics

Founded in 2015, Arundo Analytics has headquarters in Palo Alto, CA and has received $7.7 million after two rounds of funding. The company uses data and predictive solutions to reduce maintenance costs, improve revenue, and avoid outages for industrial companies. The technology can predict anomalies in the power grid, improve smart ship operations in the Maritime industry, and improve the bottom line in the oil and gas industry.


REstore was founded in 2010 and has headquarters in Antwerp. The company has received $13.15 million after three rounds of funding. Restore offers demand response programs to industrial and commercial consumers. It provides cloud-based demand side management software for utilities. The technology is currently used by more than 150 industrial energy consumers in Europe.


Founded in 2013, Watty has headquarters in Stockholm and has received $3.32 million after one round of funding. Watty is an AI that tracks where energy is being used and for how long. It can be used for commercial or personal purposes. A piece of hardware is installed and energy use can be viewed through an app on smartphones. The app breaks down where all of the energy is going so consumers can decide where to unplug and save money.


Wirewatt was founded in 2014 and is located in Monterrey, Neuvo Leon. They have received $125.54 thousand after one round of funding. The company provides solar leases to customers with capital from institutional funds. Wirewatt helps solar distributors sell more by helping them create, design, and quote proposals.

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