AI in Education: 10 Companies to Watch in 2018

  • 12 October 2017
  • Jodi Hillman

AI in education is making it possible for people everywhere to access a wide variety of information to better educate themselves from an early age. AI can be adapted into smart toys for children and be integrated into platforms for older kids to prepare for college. AI is disrupting the education industry by changing the way we access education information.

Elemental Path

Elemental Path has headquarters in New York and has received $4 million after three rounds of funding. The company aims to improve the way kids learn by improving the way they play. The company creates smart toys – called CogniToys – for kids to engage them with real-time speech-based communication.


Querium Corporation

Located in Austin, TX, Querium Corporation has received $4.5 million through five rounds of funding. The company uses artificial intelligence for math, engineering, technology, and science education applications. The platform helps prepare students for high school, college, and life beyond college. Based on the knowledge of master classroom teachers, the technology helps students at their instant of confusion, 24×7. The app also produces detailed reports for instructors about the kinds of errors their students are making, so instructors can optimize the use of classroom time.


Founded in 2014, Metacog is located in Worcester, MA and is a PaaS deep learning analytics platform where users can process data and store AI. The platform enables products to process data continuously and then upload that to powerful APIs. From there, businesses receive real-time insights to how products are being used. By integrating data analytics, the customer experience can be improved with scoring, playback, and audit.


Jellynote has headquarters in Paris, France and has received $3.17 million through five rounds of funding. The company offers a place for musicians to connect with each other while sharing tabs, cords, sheets, and video content. The company offers 400,000 songs that can be learned and played through sheets, classes, and tutorials. The songs are available for a wide variety of instruments. Jellynote is available on smartphones as well as desktops.


Founded in 2012, Fishtree has received $3 million after one round of funding. The company is located in Chevy Chase, MD and provides adaptive learning technology to make learning environments more personalized. The technology gives teachers more personalized and engaging lessons as well as access to the best resources in real-time. The teachers can then monitor the student’s progress through powerful analytics. The technology can be used for K-12, higher education, and corporate development.


BridgeU had headquarters in London and has received $8.4 million after three rounds of funding. They are a data-driven university and careers guidance service that prepares students for the world of tomorrow. BridgeU analyzes data from universities and courses all around the world. It then uses intelligent tools to empower school to provide modern guidance to their students. The technology uses an algorithm to match social, professional, and academic preferences to fit students with the perfect university.


Located in Tel Aviv, Symbolab has received $1 million after two rounds of funding. The company was founded in 2011 and is a math education tool to help users discover math topics, practice, and learn from grades middle school through college. The platform offers more than 300 smart calculators providing step by step solutions to any math problem including algebra, calculus, trig, and much more. Their machine learning algorithms understand the context and meaning of the queries to assist students.

                                                          Symbolab has more than 50 million users worldwide.

Volley Labs

Founded in 2014, Volley Labs is located in San Francisco, CA and has received $2.3 million in funding. The company transforms textbooks and assignments into learning experiences on their web-based platform. The AI mobile learning hub makes development, training, and knowledge management more accessible, intelligent, and engaging. The adaptive learning will fix problems automatically and improve training programs to increase ROI. The platform can be used in many different industries as the AI is adaptive.


Knewton is located in New York and has received $157.25 million after seven rounds of funding. The company provides adaptive learning technology to bring personalized education to people all around the world. Education companies, schools, and teachers all use Knewton to run their digital course media and tailor materials to students’ needs. The platform helps improves pass rates, motive students, and help them get better exam scores.


Located in London, CENTURY Tech has received $2.18 million after one round of funding. The company provides a personalized learning platform by combining behavioral science, big data, and AI to give educators real-time insights. The platform then provides a personalized path to increase the outcome of each individual student. CENTURY Tech tracks progress in real-time so it can provide interventions and insight into how the student is learning and where they need more help. It also provides a smart lesson planter and tracks the progress of each student.


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