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Artificial Intelligence Chip Making Startup ThinkForce Raises $68 Million in Series A round

  • 18 December 2017
  • Jermaine Wright

AI chip maker ThinkForce announced today it has raised $68 million in Series A funding round.

The Shanghai-headquartered startup is one of the leading startup companies in AI Chip R&D and manufacturing.

The strategic partnership with YITU Tech, a leading company with tremendous expertise in the area of cloud computing, will help Thinkforce strengthen its industrial competitiveness.

Launched just this year, ThinkForce has already developed a proven track record and is poised to lead the way in the development and advancement of AI Chips.

Jiao Hui Ru, director of technology strategy at YITU Tech believes ThinkForce will contribute to the growth and prosperity of China's overall AI strategy initiative.

“We believe that Thinkforce's talented team and its years of experience and reputation in this field will create multiplier effects and improve efficiency during our common exploration in AI technologies,” Hui Ru said in a statement.

ThinkForce’s team comprises of world-class talents who have been directly responsible for some of the most successful semiconductor chipset launches that resulted in billions of dollars in sales.

These can be found in products such as the IBM PowerPC, Sony PS3, Microsoft XBOX and the world's fastest 56G Serdes.

Utilizing the industry leading semiconductor process technology, “ManyCore” architecture, ThinkForce plans to launch its AI chip.

The chip, which is developed by ThinkForce, helps to complete and optimize the AI cloud virtualization scheduling during the chip-level implementation. It is over five times more efficient in power consumption and cost savings than the Nvidia mainstream computing card.

Currently, the efficiency of ThinkForce accelerators is between 90% and 95%.

ThinkForce is also able to optimize the chip's performance and power consumption whilst minimizing the risk of production error.

AI chips have become an important area of focus in the industry and have attracted venture capitalists across the world mainly due to its technological breakthrough capabilities.

ThinkForce’s mission is to provide world-class intelligent semiconductors with leading AI algorithms and most advanced silicon art.

They have already partnered with industry leaders including IBM and Cadence, which they aspire to jointly build the eco-system and the future of AI.

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