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We launched Disruptor Daily in early 2015 because we felt there was a void in media outlets that focus entirely on disruptive technologies. Sure, some outlets do cover them but they are also covering dozens of other unrelated topics.

We found this void because we were initially looking to fill it for ourselves as readers. As passionate technologists, we grew tired of seeing all the garbage other outlets posted in between their stories about things we care about — fascinating topics like blockchain, drones, and machine learning were mixed together with the latest drama from Donald Trump and the on-demand start that will wash your dog at the push of the button. Sure, maybe those topics get clicks but they weren’t what we cared about.

So, we decided to launch our own website. Today, Disruptor Daily aims is on track to become the largest media site in the world that focuses entirely on one thing: disruptive technologies and the entrepreneurs who are using them to reshape the future if their industry.

From 3D printed buildings to real estate title’s on the blockchain, we’ll be covering it all. We are your one stop shop for all-things disruption, join us : )

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