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9 Companies Using AI in Healthcare to Watch in 2018

  • 26 February 2018
  • Jodi Hillman

AI in healthcare aims to help patients and providers have better access to each other as well as unlimited access to research. AI in the industry has also gone so far as to create an artificial heart that is compatible with the human body. Check out the other innovations, that these disruptive companies have created using AI.   


iCarbonX is located in Shenzhen, China and has received $199.48 million from two rounds of funding. The company is an AI-based platform for health data. They use a combination of the internet, AI, and consumers' big life data to build an ecosystem of digital life.


iCarbonX aims to create the most comprehensive and professional data platform for the millions of citizens in China. The platform stores digital health records such as daily health data, medical data, and genomic data.

Babylon Health

Located in London, Babylon Health has received $85 million after two rounds of funding. The company offers high-quality healthcare through mobile devices. Babylon Health allows doctors to access patients through video to diagnose and treat conditions.

Babylon Health

Doctors can write prescriptions and refer patients to specialists as needed. The goal of the company is to offer everybody affordable medical care wherever they may be.

Yitu Technology

Founded in 2012, Yitu Technology is located in Shanghai and has received $55.1 million from two rounds of funding. The company uses AI technology combined with industrial applications for a faster, safer, healthier world.

Yitu Technology

Yitu Technology researches AI to find solutions for machine listening, understanding, and vision. Their products offer disease screening assistance, imaging diagnosis assistance, and clinical treatment assistance.


CARMAT is located in Velizy-villacoublay, France and was founded in 2008. The med-tech company offers auto-regulated artificial hearts that are bio-compatible.


The heart is designed for patients who have chronic terminal heart failure or acute terminal heart failure and are not eligible for a transplant. While they are currently focused on the heart, CARMAT are aiming to create other organs in the future to restore patients' quality of life.

Bigfoot Biomedical

Located in Milpitas, CA, Bigfoot Biomedical has received $74.5 million from three rounds of funding. The company is developing an end-to-end Type-1 Diabetes Management System by using human-centered automation and cloud connectivity.

Vision for Diabetes management – Bigfoot Biomedical

Bigfoot Biomedical creates an ecosystem of solutions to improve outcomes for providers and patients. They created an investigative automated insulin delivery system – also known as an “artificial pancreas.”


Founded in 2014, Pager is located in New York and has received $29.6 million after four rounds of funding. The company is a mobile-health patient engagement platform which provides care management and care navigation solutions for providers and payers alike. The platform is used to call a doctor to treat urgent medical needs in the office, home, or elsewhere.


Before the doctor comes to the location, the patient will chat with a healthcare professional about their symptoms so they can be connected with the appropriate provider. From there, the patient has a video consult with the doctor who may schedule a home visit.

Platform – Pager

Zebra Medical Vision

Zebra Medical Vision is located in Shefayim, Israel and has received $20 million as the result of two rounds of funding. The company aims to create the world’s largest imaging insights platform.

The power of AI – Zebra Medical Vision

Zebra Medical Vision allows researchers to access millions of indexed clinical records with the hopes of accelerating scientific discovery. Their analytics platform provides insightful clinical decisions and automated algorithms to support healthcare institutions and improve patient care.



Founded in 2012, Your.MD is located in London and has received $17.3 million after four rounds of funding. The company offers an AI-based information platform and a marketplace of health service products and providers.


Patients can access free health information tailored to individual situations and personal factors. The AI platform then offers guidance to the next step via OneStop Health. The information is written in an easy to understand manner and reviewed regularly by doctors to ensure it is accurate.

Enlitic, Inc.

Enlitic Inc. has headquarters in San Francisco and has received $15 million after two rounds of funding. The company created a data-driven machine which utilizes deep learning algorithms, making medical diagnostics more accessible, accurate, and faster. Enlitic Inc. aims to provide physicians with the proper tools to take advantage of the massive store of medical data collected today.

Deep learning – Enlitic, Inc.

Some of the data physicians will have access to structured lab tests, doctors’ notes, and medical images. Further, Enlitic is partnering with medical device manufacturers and research hospitals to improve their deep learning algorithms.

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