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How 5 Massive Brands Are Already Using AI

  • 14 December 2017
  • Dean Schmid

1. Thread

Fashion is ripe for AI disruption. It isn’t an industry that we typically associate with the coming artificial intelligence and machine learning revolution, but big brands are diving in head first.

Thread, for example, is a UK retailer who pairs their customers with a private stylist. The catch is that the stylist isn’t human.


Thread does have people make the initial selections, but by cultivating consumer behaviour data, and sorting it with machine learning algorithms, each customer is sent a personal recommendation.

2. Spotify

A few years ago, what Spotify did was considered groundbreaking. If you have used the music streaming application, you will know that it asks for feedback on songs and creates playlists using recommendation from other people and what is in your library.This isn’t massively advanced AI but with a pool of 75 million consumer data points, Spotify can suggest songs that are more hit than miss.

“Since the service quietly launched in June, songs from its playlists have been streamed 1.7 billion times, according to the company,” Quarts.  

3. Sentient

You might not have heard of the world’s most well-funded AI company, Sentient, but with all the data they are gathering I guarantee that they know you.

Sentient came from a tech pedigree few AI companies can match. Siri, the natural language program, and the iPhone’s personal assistant, was written by, Adam Cheyer, one of the company’s co-founders.

Sentient’s focuses on coding AI with business application into life, and they have made a powerful distributed artificial intelligence platform, which is used by massive retail brands like Skechers, Sunglass Hut, and Cosabella.

4. Google and DeepMind

Search engine giant Google is leading the way for general-purpose AI. Their DeepMind projects made headlines around the world when their Alpha Go computer beat the best human in the world at the ancient Chinese board game GO. Since then Alpha Go has lost to another version of itself, Alpha Go Zero, that have had no human lessons or assistance. Google has taught AI how to negotiate. Unlike IBM’s Deep Blue, DeepMind isn’t built for a specific purpose. It was programmed to learn from its experiences.

5.  Facebook

Facebook’s attempts at AI have been in the headlines recently after two of their AI programs started to talk to one another in a language that they created. This was a dramatized version of events which never happened, but I am sure Facebook likes the attention. Intel and Facebook are working together on a processor built specifically for AI. The saturation of Facebook in our lives makes it the perfect distribution platform for AI. They are already developing an application for the camera with auto-tagging using a machine learning algorithm.   

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