Top 10 3D Printing Companies to Watch in the Art Industry

  • 2 June 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

Most new technology is bound to be used for art. Think of all of the gorgeous graphs big data has generated, especially on places like Information is Beautiful. What about the images from Google Deep Dream or the music from Magenta? Disruptive tech and newfound ways to generate art go hand in hand.


3D printing is an art unto itself, and it is the perfect tool to bring imaginative and innovative artwork to the physical world. Desktop printers, huge printed sculptures, food artists, and even 3D printing pens have all been born from this new tech.


Check out the top ten 3D printing companies in the art industry.



Stilnest features designers of custom jewelry worldwide. While many of the jewelry they feature offer modern twists to traditional styles, they also feature high-tech creation methods using 3D printing. This way, they can print high-quality pieces on-demand to offer all the latest trends in fashion jewelry.







This EdTech company is merging 3D printing and art together to bring replicas of museum artifacts directly into classroom. With this technology, students can touch artifacts that may otherwise be priceless and off limits of geographically inaccessible. They offer these products through Museofabber.






Everyone loves good nail art. Clawz uses metal and 3D printing to create non-damaging nail art jewelry that can be worn more than once.







Gutenbergz is merging the art of storytelling, augmented reality, and 3D modelling. By designing interactive stories, they’ve developed an innovative way to read with interactive additions, music, secrets, and more. The founders of the company have also founded the 3D printing company Kwambio, and it’s expected that future updates to this app will contain a 3D printing element.


You can keep in touch with them on Facebook here.






Uartsy helps artists make a living doing what they love by offering courses and insight into the artistic world. Their courses cover things like 3D printing, modeling, texturing, sculpting, and so much more. This is a 3D printers dream school.







Ivarface blends handsculpting, digital art, and 3D scanning to offer amazing works of art. They sell limited editions as well as custom artwork from scanned individuals all from delicate mixed media such as polymer and plaster. Every single piece is finished by hand and no two are alike.






Gravity Sketch

Gravity Sketch opens the door to 3D design to everyone. Using intuitive interfaces that combine sketching and gesture controls, users are easily able to create 3D art for use as a 3D model, in 3D printing, or even in a virtual or augmented reality interface. Their design methods help 3D creation come naturally to anyone who wants to try their hand at the process.







Have you ever wanted to print an art masterpiece? With Artficial, you can. They offer ready-to-print 3D renders of timeless artistic masterpieces that you can print from your own devices. Currently they offer both Middle Eastern and European art choices.






3D Phaktory

3D Phaktory is a Toronto-based full-service 3D printing company that can even help users commission digital artists to help their product come to life. Although they service industry, they also cover more artistic pursuits such as cosplay props.








Uniqpiece is combining 3D printing and art into an online marketplace. They offer art of all sorts from character design to matte paintings and even fan art. They also offer 3D modelling and illustration, so no matter the type of art a user is looking for, they are highly likely to find it available on Uniqpiece.


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