3D Printing Visionary Carbon Partners With Incase to Produce Smartphone Cases

  • 12 January 2018
  • Sam Mire

Disruptor Daily reported late last year on the strides that Silicon Valley-based 3D printing visionary Carbon has made in establishing means of additive manufacturing that are faster, producing a finished product instead of relying upon layer-by-layer processes. Immense financial support for the company’s forward-looking Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP) method of 3D printing said a great deal about the company’s bona fides, and now it appears they have an endorsement from Incase, maker of protective cases for phones, laptops, and other tech with a deep imprint in the industry.

Incase’s website explains that ‘following our truth in positioning, we've partnered with Carbon to redefine an industry; creating the next generation of device protection with design aesthetics never before seen.’

It’s clear that the partnership with Carbon is aimed at improving the durability of Incase’s line of semi-rigid products, but they also believe that the aesthetics will benefit immensely from Carbon’s advanced additive manufacturing methods as well. The crux of Carbon’s appeal is their Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) technology, which creates layer-less parts considered to be engineering grade at immense speeds, often in less than ten minutes. The partnership is twofold, as Incase will have access to Carbon’s methods of printing as well as their design and simulation software.

By granting their new partner access to 20 of Carbon’s M2 printers, Incase will be able to print their new wave of products – which they will be assisted in designing by Carbon’s proprietary software – at scale. This is expected to result in sleeker, more durable products being produced with greater speed. For Incase, the benefits are immense, and for Carbon, the partnership with an ostensible, well-known brand in the protective case sphere is not only beneficial to their bottom line, but their brand as well.

“In addition to redefining device protection from a material level, our partnership with Carbon significantly changes the mobility space operationally, delivering benefits such as faster go-to market strategies, on-demand supply chain simplification, reduced tooling and prototyping stages and customization opportunities for our customers,” said Andy Fathollahi, CEO of Incase.

Incase will have exclusive rights to market their cases as printed by Carbon, and they clearly feel strongly – as this exclusive deal and their already Carbon-infused website indicate – that the Carbon brand has great appeal already. In combination with Carbon’s announcement of a partnership with Adidas to create aspects of their footwear last year, the Incase deal hints further at the 3D printer’s shift into the consumer market. It shouldn’t be long until Carbon becomes a name well-known to even non-3D printing enthusiasts, especially if Incase’s marketing division has anything to do with the matter.


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