25 Pharma Influencers You Should Be Following on Twitter

  • 18 April 2018
  • Sam Mire

The collective of individuals and businesses that comprise the larger Pharma industry is an essential population to the future of health for humans across the globe. The evolution of modern pharmaceutical practices can be traced back as far as the Sumerians, and the industry has come quite a ways since theoretical models were used only to predict what pharmaceuticals may be capable of preventing and curing. In 2018, the technological revolution has allowed the incorporation of Big Data, AI, and other invaluable tools within Pharma practices, and that trend will only continue as industry professionals come to better understand applications at the crossroads of pharmaceuticals and technology.

These Pharma influencers – whether they are medical professionals, reporters, or otherwise – are helping to move the industry forward, and their insights on where the Pharma industry is headed and what that means for prescribers, doctors, and patients is well worth our time.

Dr. Daniel Kudryashov

Dr. Daniel Kudryashov is a Clinical Pharmacist who has deep roots with the University of Southern California's Keck School of Medicine-USC School of Pharmacy, a renowned program in which Kudryashov served as Chief Resident Pharmacist and Adjunct Assistant Professor and currently is the Transitions of Care & Pharmacy Student Experiential Program Coordinator. He boasts a decade of healthcare experience as a specialist in heart failure, and his knowledge ranges beyond clinical pharmacy, though that is his area of primary expertise. As an employee operating in a hotspot of innovation at USC, Kudryashov knows which breaking stories are worth his audience's time and attention, and he consistently Retweets those stories as well as imparting his own insight to 114,000 followers.

Don Hackett

Donald “Don” Hackett's present employment lists him as Publisher for PrecisionVax, a Content as a Service publisher disseminating crowd-sourced content  which helps its readers make informed decisions regarding their immunizations, whether it pertains to cancer, travel, college, or otherwise. It's Hackett's background in Pharma which makes it clear just how qualified he is to oversee such an important publication. He served for over four years as the CEO of 1-800-Doctors, moved on to found and serve as CEO of digital genomic test eCommerce site myDNA, became founding CEO of national pharmacy network company Mirixa, and then was founding CEO of RxWiki, a platform providing knowledge of medications combined with digital solutions. So, yes, this serial entrepreneur's advice on the future of Pharma – not to mention currently usable advice on what medications are safe to take and which medical hazards to be wary of – is some of the most valuable that you will find on all of Twitter.

Dave deBronkart

Dave deBronkart is one of the more numbers-driven personalities that you will come across when it comes to imparting wisdom and details about the current state of the medical industry. He is very active and insightful on social media, in part because his company, e-PatientDave, benefits from his significant social media following of over 37,000. He serves on the Advisory Board of two major health companies which align with his specialty of advocating for improved patient engagement and health data rights, and OpenNotes. His insights have impact on virtually all health fields, and his patient-centric approach to medicine is one that most readers will be able to relate to, even if they don't quite understand all of deBronkart's experience-informed jargon.

Meg Tirrell

One of the public figures on our list, Meg Tirrell is best known as a BioTech and Pharma reporter for CNBC. You don't attain or hold such a position without staying up to date on and understanding the latest trends shaping the future of each respective industry – for our sake, Pharma – and Tirrell's Twitter timeline is full of valuable references to and interviews with some of the most influential figures in Pharma, including CEOs and other executives. Access to such high-ranking influencers sets Tirrell apart from most in the industry who don't have the backing of a brand like CNBC (and formerly Bloomberg), and as a graduate of Northwestern University's renowned Medill School of Journalism, she knows how to put that access to work for her 39,000-plus followers.

Ben Hirschler

Falling on the media side of the Pharma industry, Ben Hirschler is a Health, Pharma, and Science writer as a Senior Correspondent for internationally-respected news outlet Reuters. From updates about lucrative Pharma CEO contracts to insight on industry mergers, news about rare diseases, and beyond, Hirschler is all over the breaking news regarding Pharma, much of which pertains to the industry's future. It can be difficult, especially these days, to find trustworthy sources to follow on Twitter. Hirschler, with a strong track record as a journalist since 1987 and a keen eye for stories that are impacting the Pharma industry of both today and tomorrow, is as trustworthy as Twitter news sources get.

Ekta Batra

Yes, we do have two CNBC-affiliated personalities on one list. What can we say? When Pharma reporters know their stuff, we can't help but show them the love they deserve. Ekta Batra has covered the financial side of Pharma and Healthcare for CNBC TV18 for nearly ten years, having previously worked as a research analyst for the same company and as an Industrial Placement for Merrill Lynch before that. She has a keen understanding of how Pharma companies are valued, how they should be valued, and what such implications mean for shareholders, executives, and patients. In any industry, it's important to follow the money, and Batra can help you understand just what paper trails mean respective to the world of Pharma. With nearly 30,000 followers, her first-rate insight into the financial side of Pharma has made her a popular influencer on social networks.

Dr. Richard Jähnke

The Global Pharma Health Fund is one of the largest Pharma-related charities in the world, and is sustained exclusively by donations from German pharmaceutical manufacturer Merck. Dr. Richard Jähnke is one of the highest ranking individuals within GPHF's halls, and is tasked with running their Twitter account, which offers a bevy of information on the current state of Pharma, much of which pertains to the developing world. Many of these statistics come firsthand from researchers and field workers associated with GPHF and Merck, meaning that Jähnke's GPHF-sponsored Twitter timeline is one which followers can consult to get an honest accounting of the industry as it currently stands, as well as a picture of the problems that Pharma must aim to tackle going forward.

Ezgi Tasdemir

Ezgi Tasdemir is a former cancer researcher who is now a Pharma professional Tweeting frequently about all things medical. As a Regional Marketing Director based in Switzerland for Novartis, a global healthcare company aiming to address the evolving needs of patients spanning the globe. Perhaps not coincidentally, helping healthcare evolve to suit patients' needs is a primary aim of the pharmaceutical industry, making Tasdemir's position within Novartis a great prerequisite as an influencer in the Pharma sphere. Follow her for her insights on Pharma, with a specific focus on oncology.

Jamie Mitchell Mask

The personality known on Twitter as Pharmacist Jamie, aka Jamie Mask, knows what matters within Pharma because she is a pharmacist herself. There are few ways to get to know the industry, where it is, where it's going, and what needs to be done to get it there better than doing the job that makes the industry go, and that's apparent from monitoring Pharmacist Jamie's timeline. She is unique in that she is likely to keep her followers updated on events, seminars, and podcasts that are worth paying attention to. Having recently undergone a pivot towards results-based Pharma practices – a period she refers to as a RePhresh – she has collaborated with other pharmacists and is generous about sharing their findings and advice via Twitter.

 Paul Tunnah

Paul Tunnah is the Founder and CEO of pharmaphorum, one of the comprehensive Pharma news outlets on the internet and, yes, Twitter. The phorum, as well as the associated Deep Dive digital magazine, wouldn't be possible without Tunnah, who handles the Tweeting for the account which has accumulated 16,000 Pharma-minded followers. With original interviews to go along with curated news stories that help to inform followers of the goings-on shaping the future of Pharma, Tunnah has worked for over eight years building the pharmaphorum brand.

Gunda Siska

Gunda Siska has worked as a licensed pharmacist for over 20 years, and is now working as a staff hospital pharmacist. So, she has the base industry knowledge to establish her credibility, but it is the fact that she is willing to post excerpts from her book, Investing in Your Health: A Pharmacist's Guide to Choosing Natural Products that makes her a must-follow for those looking to gain truly usable knowledge from a free, knowledge-based source. Discussing everything from which supplements work to those that are actually bad for your health, to dietary advice, medications, and beyond, Siska has a well-established background in pharmaceuticals that she is now putting to work in order to improve her followers' lives.

Barby Ingle

Barby Ingle understands what it's like to be in chronic pain, and it was that pain that helped her become intimately familiar with the healthcare system. From medications to therapies, Ingle used her first-hand observations to advise others through her book The Pain Code: Walking Through the Minefield of the Health System. Sometimes it takes a patient's perspective to understand both sides of Pharma and the health industry more broadly, and Barby Ingle is one of the influencers – having accumulated over 26,000 followers – who clearly resonates with the patient-side of the health and Pharma industries, fields which impact all of our lives.

Buddy Scalera

A man whose skillset is tailor-made for the Twitter audience, Buddy Scalera is a content strategist specializing in Pharma-related content. He has over 15 years' experience in pharmaceutical multichannel marketing, which means that with Scalera, followers get a mix of marketing advice and Pharma-related content, primarily news stories which pertain to industry trends. For those seeking to make a footprint disseminating content in the Pharma sphere in particular, Scalera is the man to follow.

Jason Poquette

Jason Poquette dedicates his time both to working in the Pharmacy field as the Director of Outpatient & Specialty Pharmacy Services at St. Vincent's Hospital in Worcester, MA, and running The Honest Apothecary blog. That combination of professional Pharma and blogging experience qualifies him as an excellent Twitter follow, as he provides updates on specific drugs, industry trends, and influencer interviews which you can find more of on the blog. Over 22,000 followers find his Twitter timeline to be a worthwhile window into the Pharma world, and with practical knowledge and a firm grasp of engaging Twitter habits, it's easy to see why.

 Anyssa Garza

Anyssa Garza is one of the youthful voices on the social Pharma influencer scene, and she provides value in consistently updating her followers on breaking stories and studies that are going to help shape the future of the Pharma industry. As the Vice President of Content and Patient Education Programs for Digital Pharmacist, Inc., Garza writes and edits content for the website RxWiki, a company founded by another one of our influencers, Don Hackett. She also commands a number of content-related duties including syndicating content for 3,000 independent pharmacies, creating videos, answering patient questions online, and handling social media accounts, all under the Pharma umbrella.

Dave Walker

Dave Walker is a pharmacist with over 20 years of experience in the pharmacy management experience field, specifically in the retail world. He has served as the founder and director of numerous companies in the Pharma industry, and also conceived and founded MedWhys, a customizable web platform aimed at improving relations between pharmacists and patients. Walker is also a frequent Tweeter of Pharma-related headlines that will be of interest to anybody with an interest in learning more about what is happening in the realm of pharmaceuticals.

Vinay Prasad

Vinay Prasad is one impressive guy, with an MD and a position as Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Oregon Health and Sciences University. If only so many professors were willing to take to Twitter to share their plethora of knowledge, as Prasad is, students would have to spend far less time with their educators during office hours. Prasad is known for his research on oncology drugs, health policy, evidence-based medicine, public health, preventive medicine, and medical reversal, most of which are topics that pertain in one form or another to the future of Pharma. Nearly 17,000 people follow Prasad for his takes on the  current and future iterations of the medical industry, including but not limited to Pharma, and that's because his voice is a credible one very much worth paying attention to.

Lisa Jarvis

Lisa Jarvis is a Senior Correspondent covering Pharma and BioTech for Chemical & Engineering News Magazine, and her 15-plus years of experience make her more than qualified to give a credible perspective to her nearly 10,000 followers. Her articles often run as features, and frequently fall upon the intersection between the business and science of developing new drugs, a Venn diagram of topics which are always relevant in discussing why the Pharma industry is the way that it is, and where it will be heading in the future.

Andrew Spong

As the leader of Health Equals, Spong works to improve communications for the pharmaceutical industry using methods that are befitting of the industry's current distributed nature. He is also the Managing Director of STweM, the larger holding company of Health Equals which also is the parent company of other spinoffs which also aim to improve communications in the Pharma industry. Operating out of the United Kingdom, the nature of the brands run by Spong means that he must have a firm grasp of where the Pharma industry is trending, and he is kind enough to elaborate on his first-hand observations about the industry's trajectory for his nearly 15,000 followers.

João Carapinha, Ph.D

Dr. João Carapinha is the CEO of Carapinha and Company, which aims to provide results-driven market access solutions for pharmaceutical companies. As part of his mission to increase access to pharmaceutical markets for the “little guys”, Carapinha is a certifiable champion of the people when it comes to expanding the ability to leave a mark on the Pharma industry. He's not just a visionary, either; he knows his stuff. As the Chief Scientist for Carapinha & Co., he has to be intimately familiar with the nitty gritty of the industry, the more technical aspects that actually allow Pharma's broader trends to exist. Also serving as a professor of Pharmacy at Northeastern University in Boston, Carapinha somehow still finds time to keep his followers up to date on what he sees as the most noteworthy stories and trends affecting Pharma today.

Bryan D. Hayes

Bryan D. Hayes is associated with one of the most impressive names in Health, Harvard Medical School. As an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, Hayes has taken it upon himself to help train some of the world's brightest young minds in a field in which he has become an expert. Even better, for those who are able to digest the material – good luck – Hayes is known to post his lectures on his Twitter handle! It's rare that such an accomplished, impressive mind is so willing to post their in-depth lectures, thoughts, and opinions on social media, so do yourself a favor and take advantage of Dr. Brian Hayes's altruism.

Alexandra Fulford

Fulford is certainly one of the more undervalued voices in Pharma currently making a name for herself on Twitter. She posts an eclectic mix of content, from case studies, future projection reports, news stories, and beyond, and that content often has an interesting angle that would appeal to virtually anybody, not just the hardcore Pharma-heads. As the Senior Digital Manager for pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim, it's Fulford's job to be good at social media, and more specifically pharmaceutically-oriented content strategy. Fortunately for both her and us, she is.

Terry and Joe Graedon

Terry and Joe Graedon run the Twitter account known as The People's Pharmacy. Their Twitter account is a reflection of the information they share in their syndicated newspaper column, radio show, web site, and books, and Twitter makes their opinions and knowledge more accessible for the global population, which may not have easy access to their other media of communication. Many of the solutions they provide are more naturally-oriented and, in many cases, are as simple as prescribing exercise. That said, they have a well-rounded, unique take on Pharma that will serve as a change of pace if you choose to follow all of the influencers compiled in this list.

Wendy Blackburn

Wendy Blackburn is another marketing-minded influencer within the Pharma industry. As the Executive Vice President for Intouch Solutions, a marketing agency serving the pharmaceutical industry by delivering award-winning campaigns, Blackburn has to be in touch with both the Pharma industry itself and the audience that those pharmaceutical companies hope to market their medications and therapies to. A look at Blackburn's timeline reveals that she is as into the Pharma side of her business as the marketing, or at least, that's how it appears. That's good news for us and those like us who hope to get a professional's perspective on industry trends, especially if that professional comes from the marketing side, because it's a combination of expertise which is difficult to track down in the Twitter-sphere.

John Mack

John Mack, who goes by PharmaGuy on Twitter, is a man with a passion for all things Pharma. Though he currently serves as a Township Supervisor, he hasn't left his past as a pharmaceutical pundit behind. After all, he's worked in the Pharma industry since at least 1995, as the owner of the Pharma Marketing Network, then as Chief Pundit Officer of While he does fulfill his civic duty as a city official in posting Newtown, PA-related content, he still posts fairly regularly about news impacting the present and future of the Pharma industry, proving once again that you can take the PharmaGuy out of the industry, but you can't take the industry out of the PharmaGuy.

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