10 Email Marketing Stats Every CMO Should Know in 2018 

  • 28 July 2017
  • Nathan Kay

Email marketing is an extremely effective marketing tool. Email subscriptions are one of the most successful ways of reaching an audience in the industry today. Consumers engage with the product on a familiar platform and they trust the content they receive. Success comes from maintaining a good relationship with the customer by offering a little extra to ensure continued engagement.

Email marketing is the most cost-effective way of reaching an audience. Once you’ve found a winning formula it can prove one of the most crucial elements of your business. It can build audiences, drive revenue and improve operations.

The best way to chart your marketing success is by comparing engagement for open, delivery and click-through rates on emails sent. There are also many other things to look out for when using this marketing tool to maximize your business scope.

The Future of Marketing has collated 10 email marketing statistics that every CMO should know in 2018.

1. Globalization

There are more than 269 billion emails sent every day globally, and an ever-growing market to tap. Roughly half the world’s population uses email and according to Radicati’s 2016 Email statistics report, emails will be used by 3.7 billion people by 2020. The market is huge and sending emails to target demographic groups is the most cost-effective form of marketing today. Once databases that match your target audience have been purchased, or by sending emails to databases built through your own social media platforms/other avenues, emails could prove extremely fruitful.

2. Worth the Money

Analysts predict that for every $1 spent on email marketing, the return equates to $38. The numbers speak for themselves and certainly prove that email marketing is one of the most effective forms in the industry.

3. Facebook and Instagram (and other social media)

Facebook, Instagram and other forms of social media are important marketing tools for any business. They help increase audience scope, add to your databases and allow you to advertise your business online. Although social media is an effective tool to increase marketing scope, Forrester states that people are more likely to sign up for email subscriptions than interact through social media platforms. Work them side-by-side to generate a top marketing campaign!

4. Average Email engagement rates

According to smart insights, click-through and click-to-open rates are an extremely important part of showing whether your marketing campaign is successful. The average email engagement rates currently stand at between 10 to 15%, which is the number you should aim for on any email marketing campaign.

5. MailChimp is King

MailChimp is the leading marketing automation platform and email marketing service worldwide. It’s been around since 2001 and has a huge following. It sends over 10 billion emails a month to its users and has become a useful and effective marketing companion to some of the top marketing agencies in the world. Sign up!

6. Desktop or Mobile

The Litmus test is one of the best sources of email marketing statistics on offer. The latest figures show that email marketing is effective on three main platforms: mobile, webmail and desktop. Mobile proved the more dominant in 2017 and experts predict that it will continue its dominance next year and beyond. Stick to the top three and you won’t go wrong!

7. Make it Easy

According to Sumo, a staggering 22% of websites and emails make it difficult for consumers to opt-in to services. The key here is to ensure websites and email campaigns are simple but effective. Make sure they are easy to navigate and the consumer can engage without hassle.

8. Keep the Emails Coming

More than 70% of consumers prefer email as their source of business communication. Calls and SMS messaging can become irritating but emails hold consumer attention and can prove effective. Consumers rely on the internet and email communications for their source of information, so take that into account when targeting them for business. Make your emails engaging, factual, entertaining and short to grab their attention.

9. Emails Grow Businesses

Emails can grow your business. According to 80% of senior business figures, email marketing is the core to their strategy and helps build their businesses on a yearly basis. Email marketing drives retention and customer acquisition and is key to business success.

10. Subject Lines Count

Perception is reality. Something as simple as subject lines and the first few lines of any email could make or break for your business. Make sure your email rollouts are well-written, punchy, grabby and tell the consumer exactly what they’re getting in the fewest words possible. Boredom is a turnoff, too much fluff is a turnoff. Straight to the point is key!

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