10 Companies Disrupting the Way We Find Our Next Lawyer

  • 10 November 2017
  • Jnana Settle

Searching for the perfect attorney has never been easier thanks to a multitude of companies, young and old, that are finding new and innovative ways to connect attorneys to potential new clients. In the past, finding an attorney has been very hit-or-miss, based upon referrals or yellow page advertisements. Today, though, there is a legal services provider out there somewhere who is eager to help you at your price point, in your geographic area, and in your field of need. Thanks to the ten companies on this list, finding that person is now within your grasp.


The industry leader in finding, researching, and reviewing lawyers, Avvo has been around since 2006 and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

It started off as a legal services marketplace where attorney profiles competed against each other in consumer search results by geographic area and practice niche.


Today, it offers attorney ratings and peer reviews, free forms, and a bustling legal questions forum where attorneys can help raise their ratings and visibility by offering free, limited legal advice to online consumers. Those searching for an attorney in their area can browse by practice area as well as read informative articles on what an attorney can offer them.


Founded in Australia in 2015, and then acquired by LegalVision, CapacityHQ is a specialty attorney marketplace connecting in-house legal departments and law firms with attorneys suitable for short-term or long-term work.

Think temp staffing agency, but for attorneys with a prestigious resume, who are willing to work short-term on projects and with teams. Every attorney listed with CapacityHQ has to meet rigorous standards before they are accepted. CapacityHQ is one of Australia’s premier lawyer marketplace for firms and legal departments with short-term personnel gaps.  



Although Nolo is known primarily for their disruption of the legal publishing market (a market which arguably did not exist prior to Nolo’s inception in the 1970s), they also provide attorney matching services through the Find a Lawyer section of their page.

Find a Lawyer – Nolo

In fact, they’ve partnered with Martindale to create the Martindale Nolo network. Each month, the network matches 50,000 consumers with attorneys, free of charge for the consumer.

Martindale Nolo Network



ClariLegal is changing the way that litigation services are managed. It simplifies and streamlines the buying, selling, and managing legal services through the smart application of technology to business processes.

Essentially, ClariLegal operates as a vendor RFP management platform for businesses and their in-house legal departments, with the end goal of reducing expenses, fixing overall costs, providing greater project transparency than ever before and improving outcomes.

It handles the Request for Proposal and bidding processes, as well as vets the bidders, so that companies can rest assured that they’re receiving the most competitive bids from the best firms.

ClariLegal Trusted Community

Court Buddy

A new way for small businesses to find the perfect attorney, Court Buddy is an automated service that matches solos and small firms willing to work on one-off projects for flat-rate fees with economically minded small businesses in need of legal services.

Court Buddy

For attorneys and entrepreneurs on the go, Court Buddy even has an app available on the Apple App Store and Google Play, which allows participants to chat or call each other. Many industry experts contend that the future of legal services is moving into a la carte services – if so, Court Buddy is leading the way.

Court Buddy App


There’s little more frustrating than finding reviews for a fantastic lawyer online then calling their office to be told the soonest they can see you – and talk about your urgent legal need – is three weeks away.

Send in LawTap, the lawyer-matching service that allows potential clients to view attorneys’ availability in real time, read verified reviews from their past clients, and instantly book consultations.


Currently, LawTap is operating in around four dozen cities but if yours isn’t listed, don’t despair. There’s no doubt they’ll expand soon.

How does LawTap work? – LawTap


The company motto is “Lawyers on Demand,” and that pretty well sums up what LegalClick is all about. Search for a new lawyer by practice area such as bankruptcy, traffic tickets, or personal injury.

Whatever your category, LegalClick will pull up a myriad of local lawyers who want to talk to you about your case or your legal needs.


The website also provides helpful, consumer-oriented overviews of niche practice areas, so potential clients can research when and why they need a lawyer’s services.

Popular Categories – LegalClick


LawAdvisor, based out of Melbourne, Australia, provides a portal for those seeking legal services to connect with those seeking to provide them.

It combines aspects of cloud-based practice management software for attorneys using its seek-and-find services to generate clients and allows attorneys to submit fee proposals that a potential client can then choose from.


Once an attorney-client relationship has been established, both parties exchange documents and information through the cloud.



The technology behind JustLegal makes it simpler than ever for consumers to find attorneys and book consultations.

Consumers can search by field of practice or geographic area, and are never charged a fee. Instead, JustLegal makes money by attorney-paid fees for access to the platform and marketing services.

Find an attorney – JustLegal

Potential clients are assured that those attorneys they find on JustLegal have been vetted for an active license and a screening for malpractice violations.


Aggregate Law

Enter Aggregate Law, a new way for overwhelmed firm attorneys to find and connect with experienced freelance attorneys willing to work on a contract basis.

What sets Aggregate Law apart is its disruption of the traditional staffing industry. For a mere $99, firms can post a job and get matched with attorneys with suitable experience, at a price named by the firm, and on the firm’s schedule. That’s a deal to make headhunters shake in their shoes.

Aggregate Law
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