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10 Companies Building the Future of Farm Management Software

  • 29 December 2017
  • Amanda Shiffler

The disparities between Iowa cornfields and the Silicon Valley seem intrinsically easier to list out than the commonalities between the two locations. The truth is though, they have a budding relationship that harbors high potential in the near future.  Agriculture and big data are working together to change the face of farming by completely overhauling all aspects of on-farm record keeping.  Farm management software makes the record keeping process much simpler and portable due to cloud computing and mobile apps, while greatly increasing the functions basic record keeping can perform. The following 10 companies are greatly changing data management in agriculture.


Created to compensate for stalled out ag technology, FarmLogs was born to provide better, faster software solutions for farmers.

Back in 2011 Jesse Vollmar and Brad Koch saw technology shaping the world for the better in many places except the family farm and decided a change needed to be made.


Currently, their product that helps farmers track and report metrics is used by 1 in 3 farms across the United States. With over $22 million in recent funding raised through a series C venture round, they are poised to push forward and expand their operation to secure even more of a share in the marketplace.



On a mission to transform the business of farming, Granular is one of the first companies to apply Silicon Valley technology to the agriculture industry.

Granular’s mobile platform connects the field to the office, allowing employees to get more done through crop and field planning, immediate communication to the entire farm staff, and automate record keeping and inventory tracking.

Granular Farm Management Software

Serving over 7 dozen crops, more than three-quarters of the US states, and over 2M paid acres, Granular supports farmers through their Granular FMS, AcreValue, and Encirca software products.

Connect the field to the office – Granular

The Climate Corporation

As farmers face an urgent need to find efficient, sustainable ways to grow substantially more food as the population increases rapidly, The Climate Corporation is dedicated to creating technologies that aid farmers in increasing productivity through digital tools.

Climate FieldView™ transforms field, weather, and soil data to help farmers make quick decisions year-round to sustainably enhance yield potential, improve efficiency, and manage risk.

Climate FieldView Drive

With ever increasing weather volatility the agriculture industry benefits from their unique technologies to help stabilize and improve profits, while ultimately feeding the world.

Get a complete picture of your operation – Climate FieldView


Agricultural compliance and food traceability is serious business in farming right now. With product recall after recall, farmers need to have detailed records of their management practices, including all fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides applied, and they need to know where the harvested crop went from each field.

FarmFlo has turned traceability into a simple, paperless process, putting all of the data in the hands of producers and making it accessible at the touch of a screen whether they are sitting in the office or the cab of a tractor.


As compliance and traceability demand more attention in the industry, FarmFlo will be there to help farmers manage all their data efficiently.

Farmflo Farm


With more and more farmers imaging their own fields using personal drones, Cropio has developed an ERP platform that allows users to upload their own field images into the software platform.

Claiming to be the first in the field to do this, it gives Cropio an advantage over systems that require their company to do the imaging work, adding to field costs for the farmer.


A more simplified farm management software platform focuses on production while omitting features such as accounting. Decision-making tools aim to optimize fertilizer and water application, reducing over applications and input costs.  


Farmers are constantly collecting data, and many times from numerous locations within a given day, or even simultaneously based upon the size of their labor force.

One of the challenges they face with managing this data is moving all of the information to a single software system that it can be analyzed and used in decision-making processes. Conservis has developed a platform allowing growers to seamlessly consolidate data without manual intervention.

The product – Conservis

The company has announced the implementation of machine data integration where as-applied and yield data from John Deere Operations Center or Climate FieldView™ is pulled automatically into the Conservis platform every 15 minutes. Their process saves valuable time and reduces manual entry errors with no extra hardware required.


Powerful farm analytics can help farmers make the right decisions at the right times, using data-driven farm management software in place of gut-feelings.

Agrivi offers just that and complete support for all crops – fruit, vegetables, grains, and other – a feature that makes their system attractive to diversified growers. Agrivi has been recognized as a key global leader in the farm management software industry by several global market research companies and received the title as the World’s Best Startup in 2014 in the World Startup Competition held in Seoul, Korea.

Farm management – Agrivi

The company is backed by a strong following of thousands of farmers from over 150 countries that are using Agrivi to help improve their production systems.

Fresh Deal

In a world of fast paced business deals, with high levels of uncertainty and risks, producers and distributors in the fruit and vegetable sector are on the lookout for an easy to use, trusted marketplace to conduct business transactions.

With 3 years of proven history, Freshdeal provides a much needed platform to growers and distributors that delivers speed, trust, and safety to its users, facilitating a simple, secure way to buy and sell produce globally.


Freshdeal has created and implemented a SaaS platform that allows producers and distributors to discover and explore market opportunities, connect to others in a trusted environment, and conduct business transactions in a secure fashion.  With an emphasis on trust, both producers and distributors can be confident in their interactions and transactions.

Find safe and reliable partners – Freshdeal

Farm Lead

The days of phone calls to secure market prices for grain are going to the wayside. FarmLead is re-inventing how grain marketing is done.

Designed by farmers, for farmers, it provides access through an online platform and mobile apps to exclusive market research, price visibility, grain testing, and reduced brokerage fees and risks. FarmLead’s mission is to facilitate greater efficiency, equality, and transparency in grain marketing and their business is well on its way to do just that.

Their online marketplace allows farmers to find more buyers and secure the best possible deal, while grain buyers can quickly and easily identify available grain for sale in a given location.

Marketplace – FarmLead


Managing herd records are an important, although tedious, part of livestock farming, no matter the animal.

Keeping track of performance and health is imperative to improving a herd and making better management decisions. EasyKeeper has stepped in, creating software solutions to drastically ease this process.


Developed by Jean Harrison a long time goat herder, the software provides easy access to a multitude of features, simplifying all aspects of managing herd records.

Task Management – EasyKeeper
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