Top 10 Artificially Intelligent Personal Assistants

  • 8 March 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

Days are busy and long—everyone could use a little help. With artificial intelligence on the rise, several companies have put this disruptive new technology to good use in the form of AI-driven personal assistants. Whether you need help scheduling meetings, ordering dinner, or keeping track of specific information, there’s an AI for that and so much more. We can expect these systems to become increasingly complex and effective in the coming years.


Although many people tout that Moore’s Law is dead due to it becoming uneconomical to produce smaller chip sizes after 2021 if the trend continues.


However, with real-world, actionable plans to build a massive quantum computer released by scientists in early 2017, we are likely to see our computational power not only continue to double, but rise logarithmically. Of course, this could have a huge impact on the capabilities of artificial intelligence.

We’ve definitely already come a long way from this guy in terms of personal assistants.




These ten companies are already leading the way with artificially intelligent virtual assistants: is an AI personal assistant that handles the back and forth required to schedule a meeting all on its own. They have received over $34M in funding. After being on the waitlist for many months, I just recently received my invitation to give it a try. I’ll report back with more feedback soon.
 is still pre-release but their promise is to combine AI, natural language processing, and fast computing to put all your company data in close reach at all times. I’m currently still on the waitlist for this one, and you can sign up as well on their homepage.






Hiro is an AI-driven personal assistant for new parents. It answers important developmental questions, provides solutions, and even recommends products at various stages of baby’s development. They have received over a half a million dollars in funding so far.





Konolabs Inc. —

Konolabs is the creator of, an “Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven scheduling solution for business.” Their SaaS platform has customized pricing based on the needs of any business, and can be used as a chatbot or with email.They have raised  $860k in funding to date.






24me is a personal assistant driven by artificial intelligence that anticipates the needs of its users and makes pre-emptive, contextual suggestions. It is currently available on Apple and Android in the app store. It offers a calendar, note, to-dos, and connects with social media, utilities, banks, and more to keep everything integrated and intelligent.




Hola Gus


Hola Gus uses deep learning and natural language processing in an AI system that connects user to a personal assistant who, in turn, connects them with the products and services they need when they need them.





Ejenta is a workplace AI personal assistant for the space, government, and healthcare sector. Ejenta helps workers stay on track with mission plans, offers advice and coaching, and learns users’ daily activites to customize the information it offers.






Awesome is an app that combines artificial intelligence with human personal assistants on demand. Whether users want to order food, book travel, shop, get tickets, or save endangered animals, all they have to do is text the Awesome number to get an easily-payable quote for practically any legal task and snag someone to get it done. They  mostly service the US and UK but will take requests worldwide.


Nimblr is an AI-powered personal assistants for booking appointments. It integrates with your calendar and even chats with patients to take care of appointments from start to finish. All you have to do is show up.


You can connect with them on LinkedIn here.

Crossing Minds

Crossing Minds is working on predictive deep learning, collaborative filtering, and big data analysis all in order to adapt products to individuals to “enrich the human experience.” Their first product, Hai, is a personal assistant that can suggest media to its user based on their own personal preferences–everything from books to games to music to podcasts and everything in between. Currently, they are working on additional functionality to include things like restaurants and travel recommendations.


You can keep in touch with them on LinkedIn here.



Do you know of another AI personal assistant that belongs on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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